Kathri (scissor) cycling

Sep 25, 2005 | I was at Maddur, Karnataka (India) to cover a dirt bike race and capture photographs of the racers, but ended up taking more pictures of the locals who were having a good time there.

Here is a local boy riding away kathri (scissor) style with a palpable expression of joy his face.

Kathri (scissor) style cycling is one of the joyful memories I have from my childhood. It was a style of cycling that was commonly used by kids who didn't fit their parent's larger sized bicycles, but wanted to ride it anyways. Here is how you do it - keep one hand firmly placed on the top tube of the triangle frame and the other on the bike's handlebar. Now put one leg through the bicycle's triangle frame, placing your foot on the pedal and push to launch. Once you have enough momentum to balance, place the other foot on the pedal on the side you mounted from and begin pedaling to keep riding.

Kishore Murthy