Sep 25, 2021 | Alexandria, Virginia (USA).

Common to Virginia, and previously known as long-horned grasshoppers this little Katydid descended upon our Clamansi orange plant (cherished by my wife) and began eating the leaves and pooping brown pellets that decorated other leaves. It finally flew away after we gently removed it off the plant to have a sit down face to face.

A closer examination of the plant indicates that him and his ilk have been visiting the plant regularly for a while and gorging on the citrus leaves. We are now left with creating a cheap imitation of an art installation inspired by the Bulgarian artist Christo Yavacheff and French artist Jeanne-Claude, but at a significantly smaller scale and drape the precious orange plant with mesh instead of nylon fabric to protect it from the pestilient green clan gang of the Katydids while continuing to allow previous sunlight to reach the orange plant.

Kishore Murthy